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Code:002389   Name:NanYang Tech


Yesterday, the Nanyang science and technology people go south, hard-working, unassuming, dare to first, relying on open business vision, accurate market positioning and flexible operating mechanism, in the late start later come from behind, in one fell swoop developed into China's high-end capacitor film supplier.


Today, the Nanyang technology people to assess the situation, calm and calm, thick and thin hair, bear a heavy burden and cover a long distance, with excellent strategic thinking, advanced business philosophy and excellent corporate culture, and comprehensively build the core competitiveness, and strive to promote Nanyang technology to achieve "the second takeoff."


 Believe that tomorrow, Nanyang Technology will be the industry "outstanding" and "leader" to show in front of everyone, will be a good performance to return to all investors.

corporate vision

Become a leader in the field of high-end film new materials

Corporate purposes

Focus on the field of thin film, leading a low-carbon life
Return to shareholder society

core values

Integrity Inclusive shared