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Code:002389   Name:NanYang Tech



Companies adhere to the“Scientific and technological innovation, strict management, the pursuit of excellence, the user first”management philosophy and quality, and constantly provide users with innovative products and services. Nanyang Technology is the reason why we are in all products and services to achieve higher and higher quality level of the reasons.


High-quality products represent honor. Nanyang Technology will be the concept of quality management to implement every aspect of the production process to first-class technology and strict quality control methods for production, and constantly strengthen the awareness of the quality of education staff to form a strict quality control system, non-compliance of the product is not Factory, to provide customers with 100% satisfied with the high quality products is the goal of Nanyang technology efforts.

corporate vision

Become a leader in the field of high-end film new materials

Corporate purposes

Focus on the field of thin film, leading a low-carbon life
Return to shareholder society

core values

Integrity Inclusive shared