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Heavy ion microporous membrane

Product applications

1. Medical precision filter, precision filter infusion set


In the field of medical treatment, intravenous infusion therapy has the advantages of fast curative effect and simple operation, which is one of the most common methods and methods of clinical treatment. But intravenous infusion (injection) therapy will also have a certain negative impact on patients can lead to cross-infection infusion and infusion of particles in the human body harm. The only way to stop the damage to particles is to use a precision infusion set. Compared with ordinary infusion 15μm pore size is significantly different, to Nanyang Huitong company's production of heavy ion microporous membrane filter medium for all the precision infusion 5μm pore size (national standard); insoluble particles of the total efficiency of 98% or more, can be Greatly improve the safety of patients with intravenous infusion therapy.


2. Other areas of application


1. Biological science research: the optical properties of the nuclear membrane is good, with different pore size of the nucleus membrane separation of bacteria or cells, the direct color under the microscope observation, can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency.

        (1) environmental, petrochemical industry analysis and testing
        Using the advantages of its own pore size, the core membrane has become the standard for testing and testing.

        (2) brewing industry to remove yeast
        With 0.5 ~ 0.8μm core membrane to do the final filter can completely remove the yeast, to prevent product deterioration, to ensure product quality, can be used for beer, wine and other industries filter.

        (3) medicine, biological products aseptic control
        The nucleus membrane having a pore size of 0.4 m is capable of removing almost all of the bacteria and is sterilized by the known method for the biocompatibility of the core membrane. Therefore, the nuclear membrane is the best choice for aseptic control.

2. Beverage industry aseptic control

Electronic ultrapure water preparation: A pore filter with a pore size of 0.4 μm can filter out all particles and almost all of the bacteria above 0.45 μm and do not separate any impurities into the filtrate.




         Picture of TCT detection                         Large infusion filter picture                  Sectional view