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Light and heat power generation will become the mainstream of solar photovoltaic

Source:太阳能联盟网 Date:Apr 23,2012


Reporters recently learned that, as a leader in solar thermal power industry, in the new energy and energy Co., Ltd. in Haiyang Shuangliu set up a subsidiary, investment and construction of solar concentrating heat power generation mirror system project, mainly for slotted condenser and tower Sun mirror manufacturing. At present, the project base is in the orderly construction.

Recently, by the Haiyang hosted the Sixth China New Energy International Summit Forum of light and heat power generation forum held in Beijing. The aim of this forum is to explore the new opportunities and new developments in China in the field of solar thermal and thermal power generation from the perspective of promoting industrial development and synergies.

From the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Electrical Engineering, North Industrial College and other units of the technical experts, as well as industry and business representatives on behalf of more than 100 people attended the forum. Forum heard the sound, "China has broken through the solar thermal power generation core technology", while "solar thermal power market is about to start."

  Industrial development steadily


It is understood that the thermal power generation is divided into four kinds of technical routes, namely, trough, tower, Fresnel and disc type, the current large-scale development of the trough and tower.

Dr. Yao Zhihao, Ph.D., Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences has been engaged in research on light and heat power for many years. He introduced, light and heat power generation has many advantages. The first is to produce a fair parallel to the heat, and continuous power generation, the future may completely replace the thermal power, nuclear power, bear the basic load. Compared with wind power, thermal and thermal power generation is more suitable for cooperation with the grid. And the whole industry chain is basically no pollution, high energy consumption links.

Followed by thermal and thermal power generation with high temperature characteristics. This feature determines the light and heat can not only be used to generate electricity, but also can be used for high-temperature chemical. During the process of light and heat generation, a temperature of thousands of degrees can be obtained. This temperature can be used for many chemical reactions, for example, for coal oil and coal natural gas. "Coal oil is now four tons of coal can make a ton of oil, and the use of light and heat can be achieved two tons of coal and one ton of oil. And the loss is very low, very little energy consumption, pollution is also very small." Yao Zhihao introduction.

In addition, China in the field of thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower has a strong design capability and equipment production capacity. "For the thermal power generation, these capabilities can be fully compatible and used."

The technical advantages of thermal power generation also aroused great attention of government departments. In 2009, Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang has put forward some of the most noteworthy new energy technologies. Which light and heat power generation in the first place. Even in the climax of the development of photovoltaic power generation in 2010, thermal and thermal power generation has also been mentioned as the development of photovoltaic height. In 2011, the National Development and Reform Commission to adjust the new energy industry structure guide directory, the light and heat power generation as a new energy to encourage the first category.

Yao Zhihao where the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Electrical Engineering, commitment to the domestic first demonstration of light and heat power plant construction. The demonstration project is located in Beijing Badaling, is about to be completed. "The main purpose of this project is to do the experiment, in the construction process to solve a lot of scientific research problems.We hope that through the construction of the project, so that China can fully grasp the entire light and heat power from design, construction to the construction of the entire process of independent innovation. "

  Market or will be the curtain


In February this year, the National Energy Board issued the "China Energy Science and Technology" second five "development strategy planning", which is China's first energy field of science and technology development plan. This plan for the future of light and heat power research and application direction of the planning and layout.

"Light and heat power generation can take full advantage of solar power as a main force in the development of new energy industry which will play an increasingly important role." Haiyang Chairman Xue Liming introduction, at present, more and more Scientific research institutions, institutions to promote the development of solar photovoltaic technology research and development and continue to explore the same time, there are more and more entities to promote the commercial operation of solar thermal power generation continue to accumulate experience.

Xue Liming predicted that many domestic light and heat power stations, in the next six months or one year will continue to the industrialization and application of the direction of development.

As optimistic about the prospects for thermal power generation, Yao Zhihao, Institute of Electrical Engineering, said he will set up the company, to join the process of industrial production of light and heat. As the domestic new energy industry rookie, the sea-yang company will also be the future of light and heat power as one of the main business direction.

It is reported that since the establishment of Haiyang since 2005, has been in the large-scale solar power plant system integration accumulated deep. Xue Liming said that through cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutes and related enterprises, in the sea Yang is the solar thermal research and development, research and development areas.

In 2011, Haiyang in Chengdu, Sichuan Shuangliu set up a subsidiary, the registered capital of more than the head office, will be the main investment in the construction of solar concentrating thermoelectric reflector system project. Xue Liming said that solar thermal power generation will play a major role in the future low-carbon revolution, China's solar thermal power generation will move towards a higher level.


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