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The father of BYD: Wang Chuanfu's tough and mad

Date:Sep 25,2010

From the battery king, to the king of the car, the new energy king; from an ordinary Chinese entrepreneurs, to Buffett's eyes, "the real star", "the world's first, The father of BYD "Wang Chuanfu growing road full of legend and hardships. It is the body of its unique tenacity and mad achievements of the legend of BYD.

September 6, Shenzhen, the special economic zones to establish the 30th anniversary celebration, BYD president Wang Chuanfu as the representative of the Shenzhen outstanding builders invited to speak first. In a brief speech, he began with "honors" and ended with "effort".

15 years ago, Wang Yizhang Institute of the Institute of a chemical researcher status in Shenzhen business. 8 years later, he founded the BYD car to become China's own brand car a "dark horse." In 2009, he was ranked as one of the "Hurun Rich List" with wealth of $ 35 billion.

Linked to this, as well as the creation of its investment criteria and the world famous Warren Buffett. Buffett in 2008 shot to invest in BYD this "do not understand their own business." Now, he is planning a few miles away from the United States to go to BYD several bases in China to visit.

At present, Wang Chuanfu has invested 201 million yuan to acquire 18% stake in Tibet Zabuye Lithium High Technology Co., Ltd. In his plan, BYD in 2015 to become China's first car manufacturers, to become the world's first in 2025 44-year-old Wang Chuanfu is the head of BYD, he is still playing a relentless "explorer" role.

Business in the south

At first, Wang Chuanfu did not expect to be so now big. In 1966, Wang Chuanfu was born in Anhui, an ordinary peasant family, ranked seventh. On junior high school, because parents have died, Wang brothers and sisters life of eight people in trouble, brother Wang Chuanfang had to drop out of school to support their families.

In 1983, Wang Chuanfu admitted to the South China Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (later renamed the Central South University) Department of Metallurgy and Physical Chemistry. The school is very close to the tourist resort of Huangshan, but he has never been to. "I have not gone to Huangshan before, because we are very poor." In the memories of the year when the study experience, Wang jokingly said, "now did not go to Huangshan, because we do not have time.

However, it is also the hope that Wang Chuanfu see the fate of knowledge change, which makes him more cherish the hard-won learning conditions.

In 1987, Wang Chuanfu admitted to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute graduate students; 1990 master's degree after graduation to stay in the 301 room work; two years later, he was promoted to 301 deputy director; 1993, Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute in Shenzhen set up a cell grid Co., Ltd., only 27 years old Wang Chuanfu was appointed as general manager.

After entering the battery industry, Wang Chuanfu noticed some problems. "The battery imported from Japan is very expensive." The king said, "have to pay import duties, the delivery cycle is also very long." To this end, he specializes in other companies, their batteries apart, understand its manufacturing principles. He said, it was a "experienced a lot of trials and failures of the process."

Then in 1995, Wang Chuanfu from the relatives to raise about 2.5 million yuan, and rented a 2000 square meters of the plant, with more than 20 employees began to produce rechargeable batteries. This is the founder of the company's starting point. But at the time, BYD's goal is to compete with Sony and Sanyo imported battery level.

By the end of 2000, Wang Chuanfu under the leadership of BYD has its own cost advantage, developed into the world's largest mobile phone battery manufacturers, and then began for Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung and other companies design and production of mobile phones and accessories.

In 2002, BYD has become one of the world's four major manufacturers in the field of three rechargeable (lithium, nickel and nickel-cadmium batteries) technology, and is second to none in China. And Wang Chuanfu stressed that, unlike Sony and Sanyo, BYD has never been faced with the recall of the battery situation.

These hard-won results, as well as in technology, cost and other aspects of more accumulation, Wang Chuanfu with further expansion of the idea of ​​entrepreneurship.

Car madman

Wang Chuanfu in 2003 bought a stake in Qinchuan Automobile 77%, since entering the automobile manufacturing industry. At that time BYD controversial, including shareholders, the Fund has a lot of questions, the company shares fell nearly half, no one would dare to believe that a battery how to have the courage to do the car, which is a test of Wang Chuanfu.

But as Wang Chuanfu in the field of battery research strength, almost no knowledge of the car production, he began to study hard. And the way to create the same battery, BYD's car production line is mainly relying on independent innovation research and development. He is trying to learn from the strategy in the field of mobile phone battery success model, to build a new car kingdom.

In addition, never stick to the rules of Wang Chuanfu also made a very bold decision is to develop their own supply chain, that is, "vertical integration." He believes that not too much to believe that some of the traditional industries within the concept, for example, the traditional concept of the automotive industry should generally take the professional production, division of labor, large-scale production development model, which is not necessarily suitable for the development of BYD cars.

October 2006, a named F3 BYD sedan to become China's best-selling car, sales once more than the public Jetta and Toyota Corolla and other famous brands. According to authoritative statistics show that in 2009 BYD Auto annual sales of up to 448397, BYD 2009 as a whole up to 39.5 billion in sales revenue, the car business rose to 53% ratio.

At the same time, BYD has also started to develop and sell plug-in electric vehicles with petrol engines, which also makes BYD went to General Motors, Nissan and Toyota and other cross-border car giants in front. F3DM (said "double model" meaning), 169,800 yuan (preferential subsidies after the price of 89,800 yuan) is lower than the previous hybrid areas have been popular Toyota Prius and Chevrolet Volt and other electric vehicles expected price.

At this point, this has been questionable rising star, has been in the production of cheap electric car race to accelerate forward, more than the size of its opponents much larger.

Low profile richest man

With the BYD car sales rising and BYD new energy vehicles gradually upper, Wang Chuanfu and his team has also been a huge return - September 28, 2009, 2009, "Hurun Rich List" released, Wang Chuanfu to wealth 35 billion yuan topped the list. In the same year on November 5, "Forbes China Rich List" release, Wang Chuanfu become the 2009 "Hurun Report" after the "double the richest man."

Wang Chuanfu has always been "not a small tone," but he is also a low-key action, he does not wear brand names, not open cars, and rarely accept the interview. "Wang Chuanfu was a former technical engineer, he hoped that through technological innovation to make this society better, more healthy, wealth is just followed by things, not Wang Chuanfu pursuit of all." BYD spokesman Wang Jianjun this statement Wang Chuanfu 's View of Wealth.

Usually, Wang Chuanfu will work until late at night 11 or even midnight, working 5-6 days a week. The past two years, he has maintained this "skilled workers" state. Every day, he and other employees together to the company's ground floor in the cafeteria to eat, more often, he will go to the workshop and workers to grasp the progress of research and development projects. "In China, my generation is the first to work, after life." Wang Chuanfu said.

Buffett's old partner Munger did not begrudge his own praise, he called Wang Chuanfu is "inventor Edison and business ghost Jack Welch mixture." And Buffett is committed to the BYD's electric car recommended to Obama. Wang Chuanfu should get this promise. Over the past six years, BYD has been in the electric car project at least invested more than 1 billion yuan, even in the 2009 financial crisis, BYD still contrarian increased nearly 20,000 employees, recruited more than 1,000 college students.

"We are never afraid of the technology, others have, we dare to do; others do not, we dare to think we are always doing a testimony to prove that technology can change lives and change the world.We want to use battery technology plus car technology, To create electric car technology, electric car technology to achieve the green dream of mankind. "Wang Chuanfu said.

In 2008, Wang Chuanfu and other engineers live in the company's residential area, his only hobby is playing with a Mercedes and a Lexus, and for practical purposes: he opened the car engine, see See how they work.

In the eyes of employees, Wang Chuanfu is a downright "technical madman", although the head "richest man" aura, but he can still stay in the laboratory. However, this does not prevent Wang Chuanfu become BYD's "spiritual leader", in his first created by the commercial kingdom, everywhere filled with strong "Wang style", many employees as a model. This is not only because Wang Chuanfu as CEOs still know each technical details, more importantly, he is leading BYD to become a "subversive".

                                                          Source: Die Zeit reporter Yu Yue

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