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Tencent corporate culture

Date:Sep 25,2010

Tencent as employees for the enterprise's first wealth. Ma said: "For Tencent, the business and the funds are not the most important business can expand, you can replace the money can be absorbed, you can adjust, and talent is the most easy to replace, is our most valuable asset.

According to Maslow's theory of needs hierarchy, when people's physiology, safety, such low-level, material needs to be met, they will value the social, respect and self-realization, such a high level, spiritual needs. Tencent has a large number of young and dynamic, talented knowledge workers, for them, the work is no longer just a means of subsistence, hoping to get a sense of accomplishment from work to achieve their own value. Of course, the work and life in all sorts of troubles is that we can not be avoided, the pursuit of personal needs and personal work of the fun can not be divorced from the constraints of the organization, in Tencent, never stopped talking about happy work, Tencent believe, Efforts to make employees "work and happy" more to stimulate the creativity of employees.

Employees in a business or organization to be able to work happily, get a good job feeling, the following six aspects is the most important:

1, clarity: the staff clearly understand the organization's vision, mission and direction, clear organizational responsibilities, tasks, objectives, procedures;

2, aggressive: to help employees set up a reasonable challenge goals, and enable employees to feel the challenges of their own work and a sense of accomplishment;

3, incentive: a clear performance-oriented, according to work performance recognition and reward employees, while employees to take more encouragement and recognition rather than criticism and threats;

4, the responsibility: the staff of a reasonable authorization, so that employees work to obtain greater autonomy, to encourage employees to take the risk has been analyzed, and allow employees to make certain mistakes;

5, flexibility: to encourage staff innovation, and seriously consider and respond to the recommendations of employees to reduce unnecessary procedures to prevent bureaucratization;

6, cohesion: to create mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual cooperation of the interpersonal environment, so that employees feel the organization's cohesion and pride.

Tencent is committed to creating a vibrant "Tencent University", attaches great importance to the continued appreciation of human capital, to provide staff with a wealth of training and learning opportunities to help employees continue to grow, not only the pursuit of products and business to maintain industry leading position, but also the pursuit of the overall talent Quality in the industry's leading position. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to take the following approach:

First, attention to managerial leadership. Tencent on the management of all levels put forward a very high demand, because the work of the staff feel a lot depends on the manager's management skills and style, Tencent every manager should have a leadership team, the ability to inspire the team, So that the staff of the team's psychological and skills have been adjusted to the best condition. In the Tencent family, the staff work life in the confusion and problems, managers have the responsibility to do effective communication, exchange and help solve it. The assessment of managers not only depends on their work performance, but also depends on his team's morale and skills.

Second, pay attention to create a good corporate culture atmosphere. Tencent guide each employee to establish a common vision and mission, Tencent's spleen and have a huge influence of the Internet users so that each employee feel the value of their work and a sense of accomplishment; Tencent common values ​​so that employees have a strong Cohesion; Tencent's business philosophy and management philosophy allows employees to truly feel that they have been respected and attention.

Third, pay attention to internal communication. Tencent as China's earliest Internet instant messaging provider, "wisdom of communication, inspiration unlimited" Tencent is an eternal theme within the same. The company attaches great importance to the internal communication environment, each new employee an entry, the Human Resources Department will give him a "Tencent internal communication manual", so that he felt the company's communication culture and told him in what circumstances should be taken What kind of communication channels and internal communication skills and so on.

 Fourth, pay attention to the career development of employees. Tencent and HP Business School to design a set of employee career development system for different ability and interest of the staff tailor-made management and professional dual-channel development mechanism, an effective solution to "a thousand forces crowded management single-plank bridge" problem, to avoid staff "Official standard" thinking. Encourage employees to develop their own long-term professional expertise, make performance, and managers can get the same career development and value of return. Tencent internal "full career development channel management" not only to enable enterprises to achieve the continuous appreciation of human capital, leaving employees to enjoy the growth of happiness.

 Fifth, pay attention to the balance of work and life. In order to promote the combination of staff and work and increase mutual exchanges, Tencent often organize a variety of amateur activities, so that employees enjoy the happy life in the spare time. The company set up an amateur sports association (pictured right), arranging badminton, volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, table tennis and organizing various sports competitions every Monday to Friday. In addition, often organize tourism, arts and other activities and so on. Various activities not only enrich the lives of employees, reduce the staff's work pressure, so that employees can have a more healthy physical and mental work into the work, but also greatly enhanced the cohesion of Tencent and employee pride.

 Sixth, "happy work" also implies dialectics. Happy work does not mean that liberalism and laissez-faire, happy work does not mean to give up the rules and constraints, personal happiness can not be built on the basis of others unhappy, strict system of security is actually in order to protect the organization and the team common Happy, for the violation of the system, triggering "Tencent high-voltage line" of the staff is absolutely not tolerant. Happy work does not mean to give up the pressure on the performance goals of employees, if not hard work is also happy to make those who work hard for the staff is not happy, Tencent will not hesitate to work stagnant can not create the performance of employees. It is because Tencent let each employee really understand the "happy work" meaning, so Tencent's policies and systems can be recognized and implemented by the majority of employees.

 High-speed development of the business for the staff to provide a broad space for development; improve the training mechanism and human resources and then redevelopment, so that every employee can be in the post on their own facilities. Therefore, Tencent internal staff satisfaction in the industry is very high, Tencent also maintained a very low turnover rate in the industry, Tencent in the community to establish a very good employer brand, Tencent continue to create a vibrant environment to attract talent , To retain talent, so that employees in the wonderful Tencent extension.

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