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Code:002389   Name:NanYang Tech

The company is a national high-tech enterprises, in March 2003 formally put into operation, in November 2006 to complete the shareholding system reform, in April 2010 in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange officially listed, the year raised a total of 510 million yuan; February 24, 2012 Day, the company non-public offering of shares to obtain the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued an unconditional review. On May 10, 2012, the Company issued 48,184,818 shares of RMB ordinary shares (A shares), and the total amount of funds raised was about RMB 700 million. It plans to invest 20,000 tons of optical grade polyester film project with an annual output of 5,000 tons of capacitors. Polyester film project.


Nanyang Technology is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic thin film for capacitor in China. It is the leading manufacturer of capacitor film for high-end capacitor film and the most complete product series of Chinese products. The company's leading product capacitors with polypropylene electronic film has two categories, seven varieties, the product thickness specifications cover the range of 2.8-18 microns, including ultra-thin film, high temperature film, safety explosion-proof membrane and high voltage power capacitor film and other high-end The competitive advantage of the product is remarkable. In addition to the polypropylene capacitor film business, the company's business scope also includes solar cell back film project, lithium-ion battery diaphragm project, capacitor polyester film project, optical film coating project, optical film base film project and heavy ion Microporous membrane project, high-end film business system has been basically formed. 


Nanyang Technology is a "technology-driven, quality as the core" of the innovative enterprises. The company has been committed to the capacitor film, solar cell back material film, optical film field of technological innovation and new product development, through the introduction of technology digestion, absorption, has independently developed a thin film surface structure control, electrical performance, film appearance Quality control, winding improvement and so on a number of proprietary technology, and has been widely used in production. The company received seven patents for invention patents, utility model patents 3. In addition, the company developed the "capacitor with high temperature polypropylene film", "PPM 2.8μm ultra-thin capacitor with polypropylene film" and many other products through the Office of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province organized the identification of scientific and technological achievements, products in the leading domestic Advanced level. Among them, "PPM 2.8μm ultra-thin capacitor with polypropylene film" to fill the gaps, up to the international leading level.



Companies adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation, strict management, the pursuit of excellence, the user first" quality. The company passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, GB / T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification and ISO10012: 2003.GB / T measurement management system certification, continuous improvement and improve the quality of the company Guarantee system, to ensure the stability of product quality, in the industry to establish a good quality image. Company products were rated as brand-name products in Zhejiang Province, and with the main customers to establish a stable supply relationship. Company capacitors with electronic film products in the main capacitor manufacturers to obtain "exemption products" treatment. At present, the company's capacitor film products in the domestic high-end market share ranked first in the industry; with an annual output of 25,000 tons of solar cell back film project has been mass production, and customers to establish a good relationship of cooperation.


Company production line equipment, high vacuum coating unit and test equipment, respectively, from Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries in the industry in the leading level. The company through the introduction of imported equipment and digestion, absorption of the relevant technology, some of its part of the appropriate technological transformation, while ensuring product quality and continuously improve the efficiency of the use of equipment.


Company Bingzhe "talent of the enterprise of the" concept, with advanced management system, attracting a large number of machinery, electrical, new materials, business management and other areas of professional talent and experts from all over the country, to build a strong cohesion The management team and the practice of experienced production technology team, mastered the high temperature film, metal safety explosion-proof film and other product design and production of key technologies, can be quickly in the trial production stage of the product mass production, and to ensure that products Quality stability.


Now, the company firmly grasp the country to change the mode of economic development, and vigorously develop the historical opportunity of strategic emerging industries, timely development of the "high-end film industry development strategy", that is to grasp the high-end functional membrane materials as the core business development direction, Excellent to do fine capacitors with polypropylene film business on the basis of actively expanding the field of other films. At the same time, the company will give full play to the brand, technology, culture and other comprehensive advantages, around the company's main business to carry out equity investment, the company developed into a prominent business, leading technology, governance structure is good, competitive advantage, the development potential of high-end Film industry operators.