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Code:002389   Name:NanYang Tech

People-oriented, system management, professional services, is committed to the value of enterprises and employees together to enhance the value!


Nanyang Technology today is the staff of all hard work and sincere efforts in exchange for the value of the enterprise created by the staff together. Therefore, we regard employees as the company's most valuable asset.


Companies respect people, the development of people, convinced that the progress of individual employees and the development of enterprises solidarity.

The company's development needs to be driven by the strength of the staff, personal development needs of the company to provide opportunities and development space. The 21st century enterprise competition, is the talent competition, the enterprise success lies in the talent.


The company has always regarded talent as a valuable resource for the enterprise. In the face of a new round of development opportunities, the company is committed to building an open, competitive, motivating and efficient employment mechanism to create a platform that is more conducive to long-term employee development.


To this end, the company will continue to implement the introduction of talent projects. We look forward to all aspects of talent to join, and hope that every employee can get a good development in the company.

corporate vision

Become a leader in the field of high-end film new materials

Corporate purposes

Focus on the field of thin film, leading a low-carbon life
Return to shareholder society

core values

Integrity Inclusive shared