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Code:002389   Name:NanYang Tech

As a large-scale development of independent brands of high-end capacitor film manufacturing enterprises, the company strives to achieve economic, resource and environmental coordination and sustainable development, and strive to build a harmonious enterprise, a harmonious society. Companies in the continuous development of enterprises at the same time, actively fulfill the public responsibility, civic obligations, abide by the norms of ethics. In the public responsibility, vigorously implement the "three self" (independent innovation, independent research and development, independent intellectual property rights), green design, green supply chain management and green management; in moral behavior, actively carry out social practice, concerned about customers, Government and other stakeholders; in public support, senior leadership took the lead, staff actively involved in practical action to return to society.




1、public responsibility. Companies focus on the harmonious natural environment, through the operation of the process may cause harm to the community risk factors for risk identification, and take various effective measures to make the company's production and management in line with national laws and regulations, and safeguard the social and public interests.



Environmental protection: continuous improvement of the implementation of the objectives of management and supporting the task management, human management and cultural management of the ability and level; step by step to integrate the objectives of the management of scientific processes; the introduction of "three standard integration" management system, and access to third- Institutional certification; the construction of circulating cooling water system.


Safety production: to reduce occupational health, safety risks; training personnel to improve inspection skills; to strengthen the inspection of substandard raw materials.


Product safety: according to the law of production quality of qualified products, products through the relevant certification; according to GB / T19001, GB / T24001, GB / T28001 standards established a quality / environmental / occupational health and safety management system.


Energy use: the company actively introduce foreign first-class testing and manufacturing equipment, such as the purchase of high-voltage PD test system and three layers of thickness / eccentricity tester more than 90 sets (sets) of high-tech testing equipment; built two 100,000 purification room , In accordance with GB, IEC, BS and other standards for strict testing. Reasonable deployment of production, peak peak electricity.



2、Moral behavior. For a long time, the company attaches great importance to the cultivation of corporate ethics and culture, integrity as the Founding of the country, with the domestic mainstream capacitor manufacturers to establish a stable supply relationship, the major capacitor manufacturers in the "exemption" treatment, brand loyalty , Which with the company over the years to create a business environment in good faith inseparable Such as the capacitor film industry since 2010 out of stock, a lot of capacitor film manufacturers took the opportunity to significantly raise prices, and Nanyang Technology in the major interests of the past has always been calm, always adhere to the "excellent quality, integrity and mutual benefit, personalized service" brand purpose, Customers of the wide praise and sincere admiration.


3、Public support. Companies focus on shaping the corporate image, keen social charity, to assume social responsibility, social responsibility. Such as the company specifically introduced the "Nanyang Science and Technology Charity Fund Management Measures", the annual allocation of funds for the rescue of the family is particularly difficult or encounter a major unfortunate staff; set up South Asia Science and Technology summer vacation, winter kindergarten, for children to provide free education, Catering, to solve a lot of staff to worry about and so on.

corporate vision

Become a leader in the field of high-end film new materials

Corporate purposes

Focus on the field of thin film, leading a low-carbon life
Return to shareholder society

core values

Integrity Inclusive shared